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Tracy Farrill, Interim Director of the Defense Health Network Continental, Keynote Speaker at POC's 2023 Healthcare Summit

Tracy Farrill, Interim Director of the Defense Health Network Continental, Keynote Speaker at POC’s 2023 Healthcare Summit

One healthcare event you might not want to miss is the Potomac Officers Club’s (POC) 2023 Annual Healthcare Summit, to be held on December 6, 2023. A highlight of the summit is that it has US Public Health Rear Admiral Tracy Farrill as the keynote speaker.


In recent years, we have seen diseases that evolve into deadlier threats. While modern medication emerged to eliminate the surge of epidemics and reduce the spread of illnesses, healthcare leaders discuss new strategies to maintain the health and welfare of the nation.

Get to know more about the Interim Director of the Defense Health Network Continental of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Tracy Farrill and her contributions to the public health domain.



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Who is Tracy Farrill?


Who is Tracy Farrill?
Photo by Airman 1st Class Simonne Barker from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, licensed under public domain


Rear Admiral Tracy Farrill was appointed Interim Director of the Defense Health Network Continental on October 12, 2023. She was among the chosen leaders to spearhead one of the nine newly launched defense health networks. Under her purview are over 20 military clinics and hospitals, with many located within military air bases.

For nearly 30 years, RDML Farrill has actively contributed to improving healthcare for civilians and warfighters. Before her present rank and DHN directorship position, Farrill served as Captain of the US Public Health Service.

Earlier in her career, sheserved as Chief Pharmacist at the Wewoka Indian Health Clinic and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.


Tracy Farrill, Keynote Speaker at POC’s 2023 Annual Healthcare Summit


Tracy Farrill, Keynote Speaker at POC's 2023 Annual Healthcare Summit
Image from health.mil


Tracy Farrill’s illustrious work background in healthcare and public service helped her earn her place as Defense Health Network Continental leader. Her capacity to galvanize public health matters has also made her a seminal part of POC’s 2023 Annual Healthcare Summit.

As the afternoon keynote speaker, RDML Farrill will share insight on the Defense Health Agency’s initiative to reorganize its health network structure. On October 1, 2023, DHA began the first phase of its restructuring in order to meet diverse yet interconnected international military needs consistently. 


The healthcare event will delve deeper into DHA and the government’s efforts to deliver warfighters the capabilities and systems they need to survive and win. Register here to be part of the healthcare event in Falls Church, Virginia. 


RDML Tracy Farrill’s Notable Contributions to the Health Community


Tracy Farrill's Notable Contributions to the Health Community
Defense Health Agency team visits Naval Health Clinic Hawaii [Image 10 of 10], by Macy Harris, identified by DVIDS, licensed under public domain


In the span of her career, RDML Farrill has proactively worked on addressing different concerns regarding public and warfighter health. Below are some of the works she has done for the health community:

Visiting the Naval Health Clinic Hawaii

On October 21, 2021, during her captaincy days, she and other public healthcare leaders visited the Naval Health Clinic Hawaii. The prime objective of the visit was to look into the newly established Hawaii Market and to understand the capabilities, staff, and mission of the military treatment facilities in Hawaii.

Visiting the 87th Medical Group at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

In May 2023, Tracy Farrill joined other DHA members to visit the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and look into the capabilities of the area’s medical and healthcare facilities. Visiting the medical group revealed that staff willingness is seminal to the joint base’s interoperability.

Launching New Regional Markets for the DHA in 2021

Tracy Farrill played an active role in launching new regional markets for the Defense Health Agency in 2021. This deployment brought all military medical treatment facilities within the United States to operate under the Defense Health Agency and its market networks.


According to the RDML, the launch and consolidation of the regional markets paves the way for medical treatment and capabilities to be delivered from coast to coast. Other than being able to share medical resources, the new markets will bolster the Military Health System’s capacity to standardize healthcare nationally and internationally; it will also improve readiness and delivery coordination of health services.


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