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5 of the Top Government Contracts Won by Aeyon

What are the top government contract awards won by Aeyon company?
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Aeyon LLC houses leadership teams with expertise in mission services, analytics, digital transformation, financial management, engineering and science, and data management. The company leverages its deep expertise in the Department of Defense (DoD) and related civilian agencies to deliver uncompromising intelligence, experience, and qualifications to advance its customers’ missions and protect the nation.

Aeyon’s proven track record of identifying critical solutions to address civilian and federal government problems helped it earn its place among reliable government contractors. 


Top government contracts won by Aeyon


Aeyon Secured Spot for the US Navy’s Financial Improvement and Audit Remediation Contract

US Navy Financial Improvement and Audit Remediation Contract
US Army helicopters train with the US Navy, photo by Sgt. Mark Scovell from DVIDS, licensed under Public Domain


  • Contracting activity: US Department of Navy (DoN)
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ)
  • Value: $999.6 million
  • Contract date: April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022, was a significant milestone for Sehlke Consulting, an Aeyon subsidiary, as it was selected among five contractors by the US Department of Navy to fulfill a contract vehicle for various financial services.

With a potential contract value of $1 billion, the IDIQ agreement tasked Sehlke to provide financial reporting, accounting operations, business process standardization, and a broad range of audit-related services to support the DoN’s Financial Improvement and Audit Remediation Program until April 2027.

The Navy awarded $50,000 to each of the contractors to fund the contract’s minimum amount. 75% percent of the work was planned to be completed in the Washington Metropolitan area, and the remaining 25% will be completed in various locations spanning outside and continental US.


Aeyon Secured Spot among Nine Contractors to Deliver USAFE-AFAFRICA Advisory and Assistance Services

USAFE-AFAFRICA Advisory and Assistance Services
USAFE-AFAFRICA commander visits Spangdahlem, photo by Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope from DVIDS, licensed under Public Domain


  • Contracting activity: Air Force Installation Contracting Command
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Value: $995 million
  • Contract date: March 9, 2023

On March 9, 2023,  Aeyon LLC and eight other companies won the IDIQ contract to deliver advisory and assistance services to the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and Air Forces Africa (AFAFRICA).

Under the contract, the chosen contractors will provide technical and analytical services to support the USAFE and AFAFRICA’s improvement of policy development, management, administration, decision-making, and systems operations. With a ceiling value of $995 million, Aeyon will continue delivering such assistance services until March 2030.

The Air Force Installation Contracting Command at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is the contracting activity and obligated funds worth $18,000 at the time of the award.


Aeyon Joint Venture Secured NASA’s Financial Support Services Contract

NASA Support Financial Services Contract
NASA, photo by Jesenia Landaverde from DVIDS, licensed under Public Domain


  • Contracting activity: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Value: $517 million
  • Contract date: December 15, 2022

December 15, 2022, marked a milestone for MM Technologies as it won NASA’s Financial Support Services (NFSS) contract. The performance-based IDIQ agreement has a maximum value of $519.6 million and is part of a multi-year effort to integrate the space agency’s procurement of its product service lines (PSLs).

MM Technologies, a joint venture between MDW Associates and Manufacturing Technical Solutions (MTS), is a prime provider of sound financial stewardship, financial management analysis, data analytics, and report automation capabilities.

Operating as an Aeyon subsidiary, MM Technologies was tasked to deliver management consulting services supporting and sustaining NASA’s missions, programs, and projects, extending to seven NASA centers.


Aeyon Won USDA’s Financial Management Support Services Contracts

USDA Financial Management Support Services BPA
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  • Contracting activity: US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Contract type: Blanket-purchase Agreement (BPA)
  • Value: $32 million
  • Contract date: September 2019

Aeyon’s Sehlke Consulting achieved a milestone in September 2019 when it was selected as one of the contracting parties to fulfill a series of blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) of the  US Department of Agriculture.

The BPAs have a ceiling value of $32 million for all task orders, with Sehlke being obligated a share of $4.5 million to provide various financial management services for USDA until an estimated end date of September 29, 2024.


Aeyon Landed JAIC’s Agreement for AI Services

JAIC AI Services Contract
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  • Contracting activity: Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
  • Contract type: Basic ordering agreement (BOA) 
  • Contract date: March 2022

In March 2022, Aeyon LLC was among the selected awardees to deliver AI services for the US Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

The BOA tasked Aeyon to scale, implement, and deliver AI capabilities to bolster various analytical and business operations. JAIC’s responsibilities include evaluating Aeyon’s AI solutions and assessing how to apply them to DoD missions and projects. Aeyon LLc will continue delivering AI services for JAIC until March 2027.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Aeyon’s headquarters located?

Aeyon’s headquarters is located at Westwood Center Drive, Vienna, Virginia. The company currently houses more than 500 employees trained in the disciplines of strategic management, program management, supply chain management, business process re-engineering, and many more.

What are Aeyon’s subsidiaries?

Aeyon’s subsidiaries include:

  • Sehlke Consulting
  • Marick Group
  • Manufacturing Technical Solutions (MTS)
  • MM Technologies JV 

Who owns Aeyon?

Aeyon LLC is a portfolio company of Enlightenment Capital, an investment firm that provides adaptable capital and strategic support to middle-market enterprises in the defense, aerospace, and government technology industries.

Aeyon was formed in 2021 through the merger of consulting firms Artlin and Sehlke. Through this unity, Aeyon LLC became a leading provider of management consulting, data analytics, and software and tech-enabled services tailored to the US Government.


Aeyon: Moving Missions Forward

Aeyon LLC, moving missions forward
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Aeyon’s prime objective is to advance missions forward through its deep domain expertise in the civilian and federal government sectors. Propelled by the power of insight and speed of systems, Aeyon’s contract awards have provided advanced AI, automation, digital strategies, and Robotic Automation Processes (RPA) to accelerate critical government missions, deliver capabilities that benefit civilians, and defend the homeland.

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