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government staffing contracts

The best staffing strategy to win government contracts

How does contract staffing work?


Contract staffing is a type of employment arrangement in which people are recruited only to fulfill the requirements of a contract. Staffing is a hiring arrangement that usually refers to a project-based or fixed-term rather than a permanent one. In some cases, it is arranged by a third-party staffing agency.

How do you get government staffing contracts?

Getting into the federal marketplace requires you and your business to comply with the detailed requirements of the federal. One requirement for a business to get a government staffing contract is registering on SAM or System for Award Management. The System for award management handles all the necessary information about the government job opportunities.

How to conduct talent acquisition in your business?


Private sectors, companies, or businesses can conduct temporary staffing by recruiting personnel or professionals with different expertise. Temporary staffing can be helpful in your business as you bid on government contracts. The following are staffing benefits to help you win government contracts.

  1. Leverage past experience

One of the most crucial parts of winning a bid to a federal government is the recent and relevant expertise or experience conducting the same or similar scope of work as the business contract requires.

As you look for professionals that can potentially provide services you will be needing in successfully winning a federal government contract; you must choose those who demonstrate successful completion of similar work and gain positive feedback from their previous employers.

  1. Evaluate workforce costs

Budgeting for bid proposals is challenging for you must come up with the most competitive cost for the project.

When calculating your product or services charge, you shall also be aware of calculating your workforce costs. It would be best for you to learn how much you should allocate for the daily wage of each professional you hire.

You may consult a temporary staffing services agency with expertise in labor market dynamics to help with costing your personnel and maximize profit margins.

  1. Provide resumes for key personnel

The federal government and procuring agencies are doing background checks into a company as part of their requirement in bidding on government job contracts.

One of the things that your company must have is the resume of each personnel so that when a contracting officer does a background check of your employees, you can assure that you have the people in the correct positions.

Another advantage of working with companies providing temporary staffing services is their capability to provide qualified and experienced professionals at all times.

  1. Build out a winning team

You do not want just to have a team to qualify for competitive government job business opportunities. When building a team, make sure to know how each role fits into the scope of the contract. This is a crucial reminder, especially if you plan to work or impart temporary staffing employment with more than one personnel or subcontractor.

  1. Provide transition planning support

Transition planning is something that a government contractor misses out on. A temporary staffing services agency can help you to ensure that you have the qualified workforce in place to meet your government contracting milestones. In addition to providing transition plans throughout the contract, a consulting partner in temporary staffing services can assist keep your employees motivated and operating at the highest level.

  1. Help you rebid and win the contract extension

Of course, there are deadlines that you must meet to win or renew a government contract successfully. Some companies offering temporary staffing services can also help you apply learnings from your initial contract performance and help you to compete even better.

  1. Save time and money

Working with companies providing temporary staffing services can benefit your time and effort of outsourcing, recruiting, employment, hiring, and retaining the staff necessary to fulfill contracts.

A staffing services company alleviates your responsibilities by taking care of the budgeting, reporting, billing, and time and expense tracking. Having that said, you and all your business employees can focus on the most critical part.

In addition to the task of a staffing services company, they can also help you expand into a new market by providing you local talents to almost anywhere you want to bid. They can also help you avoid bidding on nearly impossible contracts for your business to fulfill.


Does the government use staffing agencies?

The government acquires the services of staffing agencies to potentially a business that can help them with their needs. The government relies on many private sectors to reduce hiring time, improve employment, and lower costs. These companies can be found here and here.


Can you make money with government contracts?


The federal government set aside billions of dollars to buy products or services from private sectors, large corporations, and even small businesses. Having said that, there is a reasonable probability that you and your business will profit from federal contracts.

Although there is a tight process that you need to pass through. Also, note that winning a contract without a staffing strategy may put you at significant risk. It can cause you to fall behind schedule, increase your costs, and overwhelm your human resources staff. That is where a staffing consultancy can act as an extension of your HR management team that can provide resources and support. With the best staffing strategy, you may have access to different professionals, experts, and talents when you need them without incurring the long-term costs of permanent employment.

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