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Steve Escaravage Wins Third Wash100 Award in 2024

Steve Escaravage: Booz Allen’s EVP Wins Third Wash100 Award in 2024

Steven Escaravage is Booz Allen Hamilton’s Executive Vice President for the Analytics Practice and Artificial Intelligence business. He spearheads the seamless implementation of machine learning, AI, and data science solutions for clients. 

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In 2024, Steve Escaravage was honored with a Wash100 Award for driving innovation investments in AI and technology. 


Who is Steve Escaravage?


Steve Escaravage’s expertise lies in applied mathematics, data management, and optimization, honed through years of experience in strategic and technology consulting. 


He leads Booze Allen Hamilton’s innovation efforts, focusing on pioneering technologies like edge AI, adversarial machine learning, cognitive automation, and quantum information science. 


Steve Escaravage’s leadership was instrumental in transforming Booz Allen’s Food and Drug Administration business and defense analytics business. He served clients within the Department of Defense and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.  


Moreover, Steve Escaravage leads the design and implementation of cutting-edge machine learning and data management solutions for financial institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Steve Escaravage holds a Master of Science in Operations Research from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Rutgers University.


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Steve Escavarage’s List of Wash100 Awards


Steve Escavarage has received the prestigious Wash100 award thrice in a row—2022, 2023, and 2024. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the accomplishments that led to these accolades. 




Steve Escavarage won his first Wash100 award in 2022 for pioneering AI development work. He unveiled an innovative strategy leading to this recognition, emphasizing the intersection of ethical considerations and cutting-edge AI advancements. 


The strategy was outlined in his National Security Commission on AI Report released in March 2021. It refined the global AI landscape by prioritizing ethical frameworks alongside technological progress, keeping the nation’s competitive edge while upholding moral standards.




Steve Escaravage’s second Wash100 Award in 2023 recognized his dedication to responsibly integrating artificial intelligence into operations. He enhanced Booz Allen’s ability to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into government missions by successfully implementing research outcomes of testing AI tools in real-world scenarios. 


Additionally, in 2022, Escaravage introduced a framework designed to help organizations conceptualize and implement AI tools practically.




Steve Escaravage won his third Wash100 award in 2024 for leading AI and technology innovation investments. As a senior leader at Booz Allen, he focuses on bringing customers advanced data science, machine learning, and AI solutions. 


Furthermore, Booz Allen’s EVP emphasized the importance of using AI and data compression in tactical operations. Escaravage highlighted the value of UAS technologies in modern warfare and stressed the need to invest in companies that improve decision-making for the military.


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Steve Escaravge Leading with Purpose in Social Causes and AI Innovation


Steve Escaravage’s dedication to social causes shines through his board roles. He serves as the Treasurer for the Special Olympics Virginia Board of Directors, Director on the Kumanu Board of Directors, and Observer on the Latent AI Board of Directors.


His leadership at Booz Allen has garnered him prestigious recognition, being named NVIDIA’s Global Consulting Partner of the Year and Databricks’ Federal Partner of the Year. Escaravage has also significantly contributed to the overall AI development, having 21 papers and presentations accepted in top AI forums since January 2020.


Escaravage’s advocacy extends to ethical AI and responsible technology use, notably supporting the Department of Defense’s Responsible AI Strategy and Implementation Pathway. His focus on ethical AI application in government missions underscores his commitment to responsible technology use. 


Steve Escaravage emphasizes building trust in AI through creating responsible design processes, addressing AI gaps in the military, and accelerating AI implementation to bolster federal agencies and national security.


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