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Stephen Wallace is a panelist for POC’s 5th Annual AI Summit

Stephen Wallace: DISA’s CTO Joins the Panel at the POC’s 5th Annual AI Summit

Stephen Wallace is the Chief Technology Officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency. He pioneers new processes, services, and capabilities that drive agency-wide innovation, including browser isolation, software-defined networking, and assured identity. This role places him at the forefront of technological advancements within the Department of Defense. 


Who is Stephen Wallace?


Stephen Wallace has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) since October 2021. He has consistently excelled in merging commercial and government technologies to support the agency’s emerging tech initiatives. 


Stephen Wallace’s prior roles within DISA, notably as the Chief of Cyber Innovation and Chief Engineer for the Department of Defense Enterprise Email, underscore his adeptness for promoting innovation and advancing technological frontiers in his current role. 


Before joining the defense sector, Wallace had a strong foundation in crafting enterprise-class collaboration, identity management, and authentication systems for federal government clients, which he learned during his tenure at Computer Sciences Corp. 


Stephen Wallace has a Master of Science in Cyber Security and a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications from Capitol College.


Catch Stephen Wallace at the 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit Hosted by the Potomac Officers Club


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Thursday, March 21, 2024
7:00am – 4:30pm
Eastern Time Zone


Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park
3111 Fairview Park Dr,
Falls Church, VA 22042


Stephen Wallace will present the keynote address at the upcoming Potomac Officers Club’s 5th Annual AI Summit. The discussion will revolve around using artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity defenses in government and industry settings. 


Stephen Wallace is a panelist in the session titled “Operationalizing AI in Government: Getting Things Done with Automation,” alongside Brandy Durham, James Johnson, and George Linares. Meanwhile, Jeff Bohling will serve as the moderator who will guide the conversation on the practical implementation of AI,  processes, and cybersecurity measures within government operations.


Stephen Wallace’s Advocacy for the Department of Defense’s Modernization


Stephen Wallace believes that artificial intelligence and machine learning are ever-growing in importance for the Department of Defense. AI/ML adoption has become a crucial technology to parse and understand modern data generation.


As-a-service models


Steve Wallace praised the move to service-based models for making the Department of Defense (DoD) more integrated. Like other cloud services, these models are designed to be scalable, cost-effective, and flexible. 


An example of this service-based model is the DOD 365. Developed as the secure version of Microsoft 365 for the DoD, DOD 365 provides the military with tools for better productivity and teamwork. 


This shift to service models is a significant push toward IT modernization and digital transformation in government agencies. It also lets agencies, like the DISA, focus on their primary goals while staying effective and up-to-date technologically. In the long run, this strategy helps the DoD become more agile, secure, and collaborative.


Generative AI


Stephen Wallace is keen on exploring generative AI, like ChatGPT, and its ability to create content for the Department of Defense (DoD). He understands that generative AI comes with advantages and challenges, but all the more, it has the potential to boost productivity. 


Under his leadership, DISA has put generative AI on its tech radar, looking into how it can be used in operations, procedure improvements, and faster analysis compared to traditional searches. This interest is a part of the DoD’s broader push into AI and autonomous tech, investing $2.5 billion in over 680 projects to stay ahead in automation.


Additionally, DISA is considering the responsible use of AI and its role in assisting the workforce, possibly acting as a “digital concierge.” The agency is exploring AI’s potential to automate up to 80% of the routine data checks for cyber analysts, freeing them the workload to tackle more complicated issues.


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Zero trust model


Stephen Wallace highlighted Thunderdome as a critical initiative in adopting a user-focused cybersecurity strategy within the DoD. Thunderdome, developed in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, marks DISA’s move toward a zero-trust cybersecurity model. It is designed to be ‘transparent’ and minimally invasive for users. 


The initiative demands collaboration across various military and defense sectors to create a balance where security is tight but doesn’t hinder user experience.

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