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Sean Moriarty, CEO of Primer Federal, Inc. is POC's 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit Moderator

Sean Moriarty, CEO of Primer Federal, Inc. is POC’s 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit Moderator

Artificial intelligence key resource persons such as Sean Moriarty and several others from all industries within the private and government sectors gather together during POC’s Annual AI Summit to discuss relevant technologies in the government contracting sector.


Sean Moriarty: Getting to know the driving force behind Primer Federal, Inc. 


Sean Moriarty: Getting to know the driving force behind Primer Federal, Inc.
Photo of Sean Moriarty/Linkedin


Sean Moriarty is a business-driven professional with more than 25 years of integrated experience in consulting and commercial software development in the Automotive, ERP, and Airline industries.


He is the current CEO of Primer Federal, Inc., easily pushing up the company’s leading position when it comes to delivering advanced AI for intelligence and defense entities.


Sean Moriarty is known for his experience in creating product innovation, growing high-achieving tech companies, and emerging tech integration with enterprise environments. 


He summarizes his strengths as analytical, technical, and using a business mindset when solving problems. Other skills that he is widely known for are technology management, executive management, and early stage start-ups. 


Earning his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Carolina, Sean Moriarty later on attended graduate school at the University of South Carolina and Boston University.


Career timeline of Sean Moriarty


Career timeline of Sean Moriarty


Sean Moriarty has a long list of work experience to his name. Take note of the following:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Primer.ai (Apr 2023 – Present)
  • Lead Independent Director – Eventbrite (Jan 2010 – Present)
  • Member Board Of Directors – CoachArt (Apr 2009 – Present) 
  • CEO and Board Director – Leaf Group (Aug 2014 – Apr 2023)
  • Chairman of the Board, Board Director – TuneIn (Jun 2011 – Nov 2020) 
  • Member Board Of Directors – Ingrooves Music Group (Apr 2016 – Mar 2019)  
  • Member Board Of Directors – Instantly (Aug 2011 – Jan 2016) 
  • Chairman of Board of Directors – Triton Media Group (Jan 2011 – Feb 2015) 
  • Co Chairman of Board of Directors – Pat Tillman Foundation (Apr 2010 – Dec 2014)  
  • Chairman – Metacloud (now CISCO) (Jun 2012 – Sep 2014)  
  • CEO – Saatchi Art (Aug 2013 – Aug 2014)
  • Member Board of Directors – Freedom Communications Inc. (Apr 2010 – Jul 2012)
  • Entrepreneur In Residence – Mayfield Fund (Aug 2009 – Jun 2012)
  • Member of the Board of Directors – Ticketmaster Entertainment (Aug 2008 – Mar 2009) 
  • Member of the Board of Directors – iLike (Dec 2006 – Mar 2009) 
  • President & CEO – Ticketmaster (Jul 2005 – Mar 2009)
  • EVP Product & Technology/CTO/COO – Ticketmaster (Jul 2000 – Jul 2005)
  • Member of the Board of Directors – Points.com (May 2004 – Aug 2006)
  • QA Engineer, Unix SysAdmin, VP Internet Systems – Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch, Inc (1997 – 2000) 


Sean Moriarty, Moderator at the 5th Annual AI Summit


Sean Moriarty, Moderator at the 5th Annual AI Summit


Witness this event to learn more about the latest trends and get to meet people whom you can add to your networking list. Reserve early for a slot here.


What to expect during the summit

Expect the best and listen to the discussions to get the most of your time and effort. Below we have listed the Keynote line-up, as well as the topics. We know that you are just too curious on who will be speaking, what they will talk about, and most of all, who you will be sitting next to.


Keynote speaker lineup:

  • Dr. Bill Streilein
  • Rachael Martin
  • David Larrimore
  • Dr. Kathleen Fisher
  • Dr. Kimberly Sablon
  • Lakshmi Raman


Panel topics include:

  1. Leveraging Collaboration to Accelerate AI Adoption in the DoD
  2. A Journey to AI
  3. Operationalizing AI in Government: Getting Things Done with Automation\
  4. Preparing Now for the Future of AI
  5. Diagnosis in the Human Enterprise (Getting to leading indicator)
  6. Getting Left of Strategic Surprise: Adopting AI Advantages for an Unpredictable World


You can also join the elite Potomac Officers Club to get the most out of your networking opportunities by clicking this link.


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What is Primer Federal, Inc.?


What is Primer Federal, Inc.?
Logo of Primer Federal, Inc.


Established in 2015, Primer Federal, Inc. is a company that employs artificial intelligence as well as machine learning technologies, empowering federal agencies where automation of huge unstructured data analyses are concerned. 


The goal is to save thousands of work hours out of manual labor. Thus, enabling decision makers and analysts to come up with reliable insights using shorter time periods. Primer’s open NLP platform features out-of-the-conventional, object-based models with human-like intelligence, customizable to achieve top level accuracy.


Primer’s products include Primer Command for real-time threat detection, Primer Delta for strategic analysis, Primer Technology for end-to-end NLP, and Large Language Models.

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