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Ken Hofgesang, VP HHS Account Manager of SAIC Joins 2023 Healthcare Summit at the 2023 Healthcare Summit

Ken Hofgesang, VP HHS Account Manager of SAIC Joins 2023 Healthcare Summit at the 2023 Healthcare Summit

Ken Hofgesang introduces keynote speaker RDML Tracy Farrill in the Potomac Officers Club-hosted  2023 Healthcare Summit. Reserve your slot now!

Who is Ken Hofgesang?


Ken Hofgesang, Vice President, HHS Account Manager at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
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Ken Hofgesang is the Vice President, HHS Account Manager at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) since September 2022. SAIC is an American technology company providing government services and IT support. 


Mr. Hofgesang is an experienced project management professional from the Project Management Institute (PMI) with almost two decades of experience on his sleeves. PMI is a well-known project management authority that empowers professionals to excel in this field’s best practices.


Additionally, Jen Hofgesang received an ITIL Foundation Level Global Best Practice certification from Axelos. Axelos is a global network consisting of experts dedicated to refining and testing effective strategies appropriate in delivering results and managing work efficiently. 


Recently, Ken Hofgesang is one of the active Virginia fundraisers for the 2023 Greater Washington Region Heart Walk for the benefit of the American Heart Association.


Educational Background


Ken graduated from Mt. St. Mary’s University in 2000 and armed with a degree in Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science. He then enrolled at Hood University in 2009, where he obtained a Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science degree in 2013.


Ken Hofgesang: Work Experience


Software Developer – VillageWorks: Ken Hofgesang started working as a software developer at Village Works in January 2001 and served the company for almost four years.


SAIC Headquarters
SAIC Headquarters


Software Engineer – SAIC: He started working at SAIC in November 2004 as a software engineer, a position he held for nearly a couple of years.


Senior Director, Program Manager –  SAIC: He went on to become Senior Director, Program Management in June 2006. He stayed in this role for over 17 years.


Vice President, Health and Human Services (HHS) Account Manager – SAIC: He transitioned from being a Sr. Director, Program Manager to become SAIC’s VP, HHS account manager in September 2022, a role he holds to this day.


Ken Hofgesang speaks at the 2023 Healthcare Summit 


Be a witness to the discussions about the nation’s healthcare goals and  challenges and other future technological advancements. You can book a slot here. If you choose to become a Potomac Officers Club member, click this link now!


POC 2023 Health Summit


Together with the country’s leading healthcare experts, Ken Hofgesang will be joining the summit as opening keynote introducer for RDML Tracy Farrill. Below are details of the upcoming event.


Schedule: Wednesday, December 06, 2023
Time: 7:00am – 2:30pm Eastern Time Zone

Venue: Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park
            3111 Fairview Park Dr,
            Falls Church, VA 22042


The Speakers


2023 Healthcare Summit at Potomac Officers Club
Image from Potomac Officers Club


On creating high-profile applications for researchers

Researchers are always pushing boundaries,” said Ken Hofgesang. “They frequently hit certain roadblocks, whether it’s high-performance computing or high-capacity storage. We come up with innovative ways to help them.”


Ken Hofgesang’s SAIC team is responsible for developing several custom software apps crucial to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). 


One of the said applications is now being used at the National Advisory Mental Health Council members in drafting recommendations and determining which extramural research studies are to receive funding.


This very high-profile application is mission-critical to the NIMH and their ability to fund grants. The custom software helps in reviewing intramural lab research and tracks patient’s safety in internal clinical trials.

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