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Christopher George wins first Wash100 award

Christopher George: President & GM of Intel Federal LLC Wins Wash100 Award

Christopher George is Intel Federal LLC’s President and General Manager. Working closely alongside Intel’s product, research, and manufacturing divisions, he guides the organization toward innovation and progress.


With leaders like Chris George paving the way for innovation, the government contracting industry has experienced advancements in recent years. It comes as no surprise that George is among the prominent figures honored with the Wash100 Award in 2024


Below is a glimpse of his professional journey, achievements, and contributions in the GovCon domain.


Christopher George’s Professional Growth at Intel


In January 2024, Christopher George was promoted to President and GM of Intel Federal LLC. He succeeded Jim Brinker, who had been recognized three times with the Wash100 Award during his tenure as the President and GM of the company.


In this role, George oversees Intel’s federal business, reporting directly to Greg Lavender, Intel’s Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and General Manager of the Software and Advanced Technology Group.


With his deep technical expertise and passion for customer collaboration, Chris is an ideal leader to drive innovation and strengthen ties with the U.S. government. He has a rich background from his tenure at Intel, coupled with a deep understanding of the company’s inner workings. 


Here’s a rundown of his career progression at Intel.


  • Chris George’s career at Intel kicked off in Technology Development, where he served as a computational materials scientist.
  • He then transitioned into Intel’s Data Platforms Group’s market intelligence team. His work centered around creating analytical tools and models to predict trends across the company’s data-centric portfolio. 
  • Afterward, he moved to the CEO’s office, initially serving as a research analyst before assuming the position of Chief of Staff
  • Before he was appointed as the President and GM, Chris was the CTO of the Corporate Strategy & Ventures group at Intel. In this role, he collaborated with Intel Capital to analyze strategic investments and provide technical insights to advance strategic direction.


About Intel Federal LLC


Intel Federal LLC, a subsidiary of Intel Corporation, was launched in 2011 to address and focus on the needs of the U.S. federal government. 


Its key offerings include high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G network solutions. In addition to its core services, Intel Federal collaborates closely with defense partners to develop secure foundry offerings and innovative packaging solutions. 


In 2012, Intel Federal LLC secured a $19 million contract from the Department of Energy (DOE) for the advancement of new methodologies in extreme-scale computing research and development.


Moreover, the U.S. Department of Defense granted Intel Federal LLC the second phase of the SHIP program in 2020. The project aimed to create prototypes of multichip packages and expedite progress in interface standards, protocols, and security for heterogeneous systems.


Christopher George Wins His First Wash100 Award


In 2024, Christopher George achieved yet another significant milestone in his career by winning his first Wash100 award. 


The Wash100, GovCon’s most prestigious award presented by Executive Mosaic, honors industry leaders like George, who continuously make significant impacts in their respective industries. George’s receipt of this esteemed award puts a spotlight on his outstanding contributions to the technology sector and his impactful work at Intel Federal LLC.


Appointed in January 2024 as the President and GM, George proves to be a forerunner in driving innovation, collaboration, and strategic partnerships with U.S. government agencies. These efforts led to his well-deserved recognition in the 2024 Wash100 Award.

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