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Oshkosh Defense Books $232M in Army Delivery Orders for Modernized Heavy Tactical Vehicles

Oshkosh’s (NYSE: OSK) defense arm has secured $231.9 million in orders from the U.S. Army to produce modernized heavy tactical vehicles and supply related kits to the military branch.

Oshkosh Defense said Monday it will provide new Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck or HEMTT A4 tankers, Palletized Load System A1s, cargos, wreckers, load handling systems and Common Bridge Transports under the orders awarded by Army Contracting Command-Detroit Arsenal.

Pat Williams, chief programs officer at Oshkosh Defense, said the company has built more than 50,000 heavy tactical vehicles for the U.S. military and allied partners.

He noted that the delivery orders show that the U.S. Army continues to rely on the company to provide soldiers with such vehicles designed to meet the demands of contested logistics.

Oshkosh Defense will also support recapitalization by integrating new capabilities into the fleet of PLS A1 vehicles.

“Oshkosh is dedicated to our long-standing partnership with the U.S. Army to modernize the Oshkosh FHTV with new and enhanced capabilities through cost-effective and targeted upgrades. Room for growth as both threats and requirements evolve is key to these heavy platforms providing the payload, protection, and mobility to support our Warfighters in future combat environments,” stated Williams.

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