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Dell Technologies’ Ken Rollins, Art Villanueva: Agencies Could Support Employees With AI-Ready Workstations

Ken Rollins and Art Villanueva of Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) said government agencies could help employees apply artificial intelligence to achieve mission goals by deploying AI-ready workstations and other new technologies that could rapidly process data on-site and enable staff to quickly generate insights from data.

In an article published on Carahsoft.com, Rollins and Villanueva wrote that processing power, storage and communications are the three elements of hardware that could make it easier for agencies to leverage AI.

They noted that graphic processing units are now being developed for AI and machine learning applications.

“In addition, neural processing units and tensor processing units have become more common in the past couple of years as other ways to accelerate machine learning algorithms and workloads,” they added.

The two Dell Technologies executives talked about AI-ready workstations, which they said require specialized software for machine learning and should be certified to operate key applications.

“AI-ready workstations can be tailored to employees’ goals, which vary depending on their role. A develoepr will have different demands than a data scientist, for example,” they said.

In this article, Villanueva and Rollins cited how the company could help government clients field AI models and glean actionable insights from data through its team of data scientists and technologies offered by its ecosystem of industry partners.

Rollins is technology architect for digital engineering/edge at Dell Technologies and Villanueva is chief AI/ML tech architect at Dell Federal.

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