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Dell Technologies’ Brittany Morgan on Advancing Government Data Center Modernization With AI

Brittany Morgan, a technical architect at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said artificial intelligence could help government agencies ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of modern data centers.

“AI can be used to identify potential equipment failures so agencies can replace components before they break or wear out,” Morgan wrote in an article published on Carahsoft.com.

“AI can also automatically and dynamically allocate computing resources to balance workload distribution for power and computing,” she added.

She mentioned power usage and the AI systems’ need for advanced cooling.

“Being able to monitor heating trends and optimize cooling before equipment overheats is an important capability in a modern data center and one that can be streamlined with AI,” Morgan stated.

Morgan discussed how the company’s Dell PowerEdge family of servers, APEX HPC and other managed services could help agencies modernize their data centers and achieve their mission goals.

According to Morgan, the company offers a scalable storage platform called PowerStore, which could enable agencies to manage and safeguard large volumes of unstructured data and simplify operations using automation and AI-driven management.

The technical architect also cited the company’s modular designs, cooling systems and experts and how they could support government customers in their data center modernization efforts.

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