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V2X’s Chuck Prow Bestowed With 10th Wash100 Award by Executive Mosaic’s Jim Garrettson

Chuck Prow, the outgoing CEO at V2X, received his 10th Wash100 Award this year. Jim Garrettson, the award’s founder and CEO of Executive Mosaic, presented Prow with the plaque at an in-person meeting at V2X’s McLean, Virginia headquarters last week.

The Wash100 Award annually celebrates the finest talent shaping the government contracting sector. EM’s board of voters spends the preceding year assessing the industry from all angles and whittling a list of thousands down to just 100 key figures. These deserving recipients are innovative leaders applying their powerful visions and seeing real results.

“Under Chuck’s laser-like leadership, V2X hit $1 billion in revenue and $13.3 billion in total backlog during the third quarter of 2023, and the company has expanded its presence in global markets such as the Middle East and the Pacific. The sun never sets on V2X’s global business enterprise. As Chuck further integrates the two companies that merged to create V2X, he is building a monumental GovCon force that is sure to reshape federal services and drive modernization in the public sector,” Garrettson stated.

During his two years at the forefront of V2X, Prow has forged a company that is poised to compete with the mightiest power players in the industry. His work will not be forgotten. Read about his last year of contributions in his profile, to give you an idea of his qualifications and stature.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Chuck on his decade-long Wash100 run and is excited to track his next venture!

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