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Dell Technologies’ Mansour Yusuf: AI Could Help Agencies Maximize Capabilities of Multicloud Environments

Mansour Yusuf, chief cloud/edge architect at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said artificial intelligence could help government agencies advance automation and intelligence-driven decision-making and improve performance and security when managing multicloud environments.

AI “can run analytics against infrastructure and software to develop an understanding of the health of the overall environment and individual systems so it can anticipate issues as they begin to occur,” Yusuf wrote in an article published on Carahsoft.com

He noted that AI could help agencies strengthen traditional security measures.

“Once agencies have layered AI into their zero trust and other cybersecurity tools, AI can glean insights from historical security data to understand how the network has been affected by zero-day events and other attacks in the past,” Yusuf stated.

The Dell Technologies executive noted that there are several factors agencies should consider when selecting a multicloud vendor, such as understanding the reliability and performance of a potential cloud partner, mitigating vendor lock-in and ensuring interoperability.

“Another key consideration is whether a cloud partner has an environment that meets the individual agency’s requirements for the security of its data. The answer should also cover the region in which the agency accesses its data,” Yusuf noted.

In this article, he also explained how the company helps agencies implement a multicloud service fabric and integrate AI into multicloud environments to meet security, performance and cost requirements.

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