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Dell Technologies’ Dirk Wiker: AI Could Help Advance Government Cyberthreat Detection, Response

Dirk Wiker, chief cyber/zero trust architect for the federal business segment at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said federal agencies should leverage artificial intelligence tools to modernize threat detection and response and improve their cybersecurity posture.

In an article published on Carahsoft.com, Wiker wrote that AI could enable agencies to speed up the analysis of huge volumes of cyberthreat alerts and other data and glean insights from those alerts.

“AI is crucial because it can identify patterns, anomalies and potential threats by sifting through huge amounts of data from a variety of sources very quickly,” he noted.

“In addition, AI can help automate routine cybersecurity tasks to free analysts to focus on more complex challenges such as in-depth threat hunting,” Wiker added.

The Dell Technologies executive stated that AI tools could help agencies augment the benefits of zero trust approach by “making real-time decisions about access requests based on a continuous assess of trust and risk factors.”

According to Wiker, Dell enables agencies to implement zero trust by pairing hardware with security platforms offered by its network of industry partners.

He also noted that the company works to help agencies protect government systems by integrating AI into their cybersecurity initiatives.

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