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Dell Technologies’ Daniel Carroll: AI Could Help Agencies Transform Service Delivery, Workforce Training

Daniel Carroll, field chief technology officer for cybersecurity at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said artificial intelligence could play a key role in helping federal agencies transform workforce training and customer service delivery and address complex government challenges.

In an article published in Carahsoft.com, Carroll wrote that AI could enable agencies to quickly train young employees to perform in advanced roles.

“Yet most agencies have large amounts of untapped data on the experience and insights of senior employees. With generative AI, a newer employee could access that stored history to achieve those goals in a much shorter timeframe,” he noted.

Carroll discussed how generative AI could help agencies enhance the delivery of services to employees and citizens by tracking patterns in an individual’s queries and selections.

The Dell Technologies executive stressed the need for the federal government to ensure the reliability and security of large volumes of data that can be used to develop and train AI models.

In this article, Carroll talked about how Dell helped implement a federated learning model of AI tools to enable hospitals and other health care organizations to facilitate the decision-making process to deliver better patient care without compromising the privacy of patients.

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