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Airbus Expands UAS Portfolio With Aerovel Buy

Airbus has acquired robotic aircraft manufacturer Aerovel and its Flexrotor vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial system in a transaction aimed at expanding the former’s tactical UAS product portfolio.

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed and Airbus said Wednesday that Aerovel will continue to design and produce the Flexrotor robotic aircraft at its UAS manufacturing facility in Bingen, Washington.

The acquisition was announced in January.

Mathilde Royer, head of strategy and sustainability at Airbus Helicopters, said Flexrotor fits the company’s strategy to broaden its portfolio of UAS offerings.

“Together with the VSR700, we will continue to develop manned-unmanned teaming to offer our customers the enhanced and expanded mission capabilities that they require to monitor and safeguard their communities and critical infrastructure, while preserving essential assets such as helicopters,” Royer said.

Flexrotor is a VTOL unmanned system with a maximum launch weight of 25 kg and can integrate payloads such as an electro-optical system and advanced sensors in support of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions.

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