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Potomac Officers Club to Host 3 Exciting GovCon Events Next Month

The Potomac Officers Club, the most esteemed events organization in the government contracting industry, has an exciting calendar of events planned for May 2024. These engagements will cover a broad range of relevant GovCon topics, from 5G to joint warfighting and even major trends characterizing this continuously evolving landscape.

POC events offer attendees a unique opportunity to connect with elite public and private sector leaders in lively environments filled with thought provoking speeches and panel discussions and many great opportunities to network with fellow industry executives.

In May, you will have the opportunity to attend two POC events – the 2024 5G Forum and the Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum – as well as the Government Contracting Industry Insights & Trends from the 2024 Clarity Report webinar, which will be hosted by sister organization GovCon Wire.

Keep reading for a detailed look into each of these upcoming engagements.

2024 5G Forum

5G has become a top priority for the U.S. Department of Defense in recent years, and POC’s 2024 5G Forum on May 22 will bring together 5G experts to share their insights on the current state of the department’s network technologies and look toward the future of these evolving capabilities. Juan Ramirez, director of the 5G Cross Functional Team within the DOD’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Lt. Col. Benjamin Pimentel, technical lead for Expeditionary and Tactical Programs Future G within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, will serve as keynote speakers at the event. The forum will also feature three panels that will cover 5G use cases, DOD spectrum needs and more. Register here.

Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum

At the Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum on May 30, experts on joint warfighting will come together to discuss a variety of concepts associated with joint operations, including data, algorithmic warfare, zero trust and more. Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry, director for intelligence, J2 for the DOD, will keynote the event. There will also be a panel discussion moderated by Jay Meil, chief data scientists and managing director of artificial intelligence at SAIC. Register here.

Government Contracting Industry Insights & Trends from the 2024 Clarity Report

GovCon Wire’s Government Contracting Industry Insights & Trends from the 2024 Clarity Report webinar will take place virtually on May 30. At this event, Sarah Featherstone, product marketing manager at Deltek, will discuss key themes that emerged from the company’s recent Clarity study, which surveyed more than 600 contractors to identify current GovCon trends. Topics to be discussed include investments in AI, product diversification and labor costs, among others. Register here.

Check out the Potomac Officers Club and GovCon Wire event pages for more information on future engagements.

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