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Space Force Introduces Futures Command to Bolster ‘Effectiveness’

The U.S. Space Force has announced its intention to erect a new field command: Space Futures Command. This wing of the service branch will scout, generate and assess cutting edge technologies and strategies that aid in the overall Space Force and Department of Defense missions.

MeriTalk reported earlier this month that the command will feature three principal aspects: the Space Warfighting Analysis Center, the Wargaming Center and the Concepts and Technology Center.

Lt. Gen. Shawn Bratton

Lt. Gen. Shawn Bratton will expand upon Space Futures Command’s plan and how it’s looking to directly partner with the defense industrial base at the Potomac Officers Club’s 2024 Space Summit on March 5. Register here for this high-stakes, exclusive event!

“As the Chief of Strategy, Requirements, Plans and Programs for the Space Force, it is my charter to move quickly to provide General Saltzman a resourced objective force design,” Lt. Gen. Bratton told GovCon Wire. “The Space Force’s new Futures Command will be central to this endeavor.”

The above-mentioned Gen. Chance Saltzman is a multiple Wash100 Award winner and chief of space operations for the service branch. He made public the news of Futures Command’s establishment, citing the absence of “mechanisms to evaluate all the other components that have to be in place” and a “lost focus on effectiveness” as the originating drivers for the new command.

Due to its operation under the auspices of the DOD and the Air Force, Space Force inherited a conflicting stew of cultures, structures and training, said Saltzman. He and Space Force leadership hope that Futures Command will “create joint-minded warfighters who understand the battlefield context of the space domain and who are well equipped to act within it.”

Gen. Saltzman went on to say that the Futures Command ought to help Space Force prepare to defend the U.S. in contested environments and against near-peer adversaries.

“No one wants to see conflict between great powers, yet we need to be prepared if it comes to that,” Lt. Gen. Bratton echoed. He told GovCon Wire that during his Space Summit keynote speech, he will “cover how we’re structuring [Futures Command] to meet our service and combatant commander requirements.”

Want to learn more about Space Futures Command and how Space Force is ramping up to be a player in the great power competition? You have less than a week to register for Potomac Officers Club’s March 5th Space Summit, hosted at the Hilton-McLean in Virginia. Browse the full speaker lineup here and don’t hesitate to save your spot!

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