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Leidos’ Srini Iyer on Possibility of ‘Shadow AI’ in Health Care Sector

Srini Iyer, chief technology officer at Leidos‘ (NYSE: LDOS) health business group, said companies might look for ways to get around the reporting requirements outlined in President Biden’s executive order on the trustworthy development and use of artificial intelligence, raising the possibility of shadow AI in the health care sector, Fierce Healthcare reported Friday.

Speaking during the Milken Institute’s Future of Health Summit, Iyer noted that businesses could say their AI models are not subject to the EO’s reporting requirements to evade compliance.

“People are going to be doing stuff and not reporting it because they’re going to look for that loophole. We can govern to a point where people just start going around us,” said Iyer.

According to him, enforcement of the reporting requirements must be transparent and open to encourage companies to report and “feel that it’s okay to report, that they’re not going to get penalized for reporting.”

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