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How To Maximize Your Professional Network & Win Key Opportunities

How many people do you think you know? This weekend, the Wall Street Journal provided the numbers, revealing that the average person knows about 600 people, with a majority of that number being acquaintances. According to WSJ, casual connections and acquaintances have actually proven to be more helpful when it comes to job hunting than close friendships.

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We all know the adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s why I have spent the past two decades building the best and most effective relationship platform in the government contracting sector by far. Executive Mosaic is an industry-leading membership, events and media organization dedicated to weaving an executive-level fabric across the GovCon community.

If you’re not already involved in Executive Mosaic’s membership programs, the Potomac Officers Club or our 4×24 executive leadership series, you can maximize your connectivity, increase your number of friends and enhance your ability to build your personal and professional brand by joining.

The Potomac Officers Club hosts large summit events every month, creating a safe and collaborative environment for GovCon executives and government officials to meet, learn and create friendships and opportunities for partnership. POC members can enjoy added benefits like priority seating, pre-event research and exclusive post-event insights. Explore which membership option is right for you and your company here.

Our last summit of 2023 is coming up on Dec. 6 — don’t miss the 2023 Healthcare Summit featuring speakers from NIH, CMS, DHA and other agencies at the forefront of healthcare IT and innovation. Click here to register for the Healthcare Summit, and check out our 2024 events lineup here.

Our 4×24 executive leadership dinner program offers senior executives a chance to get to know each other without being encumbered by the professional networkers that can often get in the way of meaningful relationships. The 4×24 program allows qualified executives to hear from government decision makers and other GovCon leaders in a more intimate and engaging way. Don’t just take my word for it — hear what Amentum’s Tim Saffold has to say about 4×24. To see if you’re qualified and for more information about 4×24, click here.

Executive Mosaic has the largest media footprint in the GovCon landscape through its publications GovCon WireExecutiveBizExecutiveGov and GovConExec International, which combine to deliver an in-depth, informed and comprehensive look into the news, trends and topics shaping the industry. Our media properties help top-tier industry and government executives to amplify their brand and communicate their message to GovCon’s largest audience. And, through our annual Wash100 Award, we recognize the top 100 executives of consequence for their influence and impact across the GovCon sector.

Do you know an executive worthy of GovCon’s most prestigious honor? Nominations for the 2024 Wash100 Award are open now! Click here to nominate the colleague, boss, friend or mentor who you think is poised for greatness. 

The bottom line is: if you are a driven, motivated GovCon executive who wants to expand their network, win key opportunities for their business and thrive in the ever-changing federal contracting ecosystem, you need to be a part of Executive Mosaic. Get in touch with us today to embark on your GovCon journey.

About Jim Garrettson

Executive Mosaic and Potomac Officers Club Founder and CEO Jim Garrettson has spent his career building relationships to the benefit of executives in government contracting. At the helm of Executive Mosaic, he has facilitated a countless number of partnerships between executives, government contracting companies and government leaders.

About Executive Mosaic

Since 2002, Executive Mosaic has been the leader in connecting, promoting and branding executives of consequence through exclusive peer networking events and media. Our mission is to effectively weave a fabric of like-minded executives and communities in the GovCon industry. Through our breaking news coverage, robust media presence, industry-leading events and exclusive peer networking opportunities, we serve those who serve the mission.

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