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Empower AI’s Jeff Bohling on AI Landscape Shifts & ChatGPT’s Impact

The world of artificial intelligence was dramatically revolutionized a year ago when OpenAI released the large language model ChatGPT for public use. Executive Mosaic sat down with Empower AI CEO Jeff Bohling to talk about how AI has evolved, and how it has impacted government missions over the past year.

“We believe that artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology in decades,” Bohling told Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt in a new video interview. “The launch of ChatGPT was the first time that artificial intelligence was put in the hands of the average user. Everyone can now harness the power of AI for everyday tasks.”

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Bohling explained that AI is not just one technology, but instead a spectrum of technologies that spans everything from basic robotic process automation, or RPA, to advanced large language models like ChatGPT. But with the hype surrounding generative AI, Bohling asserted that not every situation or use case requires tools like ChatGPT and can instead be supported by other AI technologies. Ultimately, the AI tool an agency or organization uses should be dependent upon their desired mission outcomes or operational needs, not the other way around.

“At Empower AI, we believe that true applied AI is a journey that requires understanding your data, establishing the governance to protect that data, cleansing the data and ultimately leveraging that data to train the advanced algorithms. This will become a central theme in government in years to come, and it also happens to be what we do extremely well,” Bohling shared.

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