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CGI’s Stephanie Mango Talks AI & The Next Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence is defining the technological landscape and paving the way for revolutionary advancements across the public and private sectors. In a new video interview, CGI Federal President Stephanie Mango sat down with Executive Mosaic to discuss why AI is taking off so rapidly in this moment and how it could shape the future of technology.

“Machine learning, AI, these are not new technologies,” the two-time Wash100 Award winner told Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt. “What’s making it really take off now and what’s going to make it continue to accelerate is that we now have the hyperscale computing, we have the ability to process all the data and [we’re] able to process it relatively quickly. We didn’t have that before.”

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Mango shared that there are an estimated 40 billion devices around the world contributing data every single day, and now, we finally have the computing power to process all that data and turn it into information and actionable intelligence. “It’s going to be a fascinating future in front of us,” remarked Mango.

As AI’s popularity continues to grow, the U.S. federal government is beginning to harness the technology. Just last month, President Biden issued a landmark executive order on AI which lays the foundation for federal agencies to adopt and integrate AI safely and responsibly.

Mango predicts two major waves of AI adoption, the first of which she calls “intelligent assistance.” In this wave, generative AI tools like ChatGPT and others will be used to augment human performance.

“That’s where we’re going to see the first boom — how do we take these intelligent assistants and leverage them in all sorts of positions in the government and to accomplish all sorts of things that the government can’t do with the resources they currently have,” explained Mango.

The second wave will shift more toward modeling and predictive analytics, which Mango said “are not just going to tell us what we should be doing, it’s going to tell us where we should be going in the future.”

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