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What Is Quantum? Zscaler’s Ken Urquhart Explains

Quantum computing is not a new field by any means, but its impact and potential are still largely unknown. In the next few decades, experts believe quantum developments will have significant, game-changing implications in a myriad of fields, and the capabilities quantum unlocks will be critical for the country’s technological power.

However, quantum is shrouded in mystery, as the concepts behind it take years to learn and fully understand. Executive Mosaic spoke with Dr. Ken Urquhart, global vice president of 5G strategy at Zscaler, to learn more about what quantum computing is and how it could shape the future of the public sector.

“We talk around quantum computing because it is not a simple subject,” Dr. Urquhart shared during an exclusive video interview with Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt.

But in short, Dr. Urquhart defined quantum computing as “another way of solving certain mathematical problems and certain algorithms faster.”

“There are a number of problems we try to solve that take a long time, take years with classical computing, the one that we use today. And quantum computing gives you the hope that you could probably solve some of those much faster. So instead of taking tens of thousands of years to solve a problem, it may only take a few days.”

With more power and faster computing capabilities, quantum opens up a world of new possibilities, but it can also pose new risks and threats to our current systems when deployed by adversaries.

Hear Dr. Urquhart talk about these looming threats and what we can do to protect our systems from them — watch his full video interview here.

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