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Red Hat’s Chris Mays: Open Source Could Help Agencies Streamline Software Development

Chris Mays, staff specialist solutions architect at Red Hat, said government agencies seeking to strengthen and streamline the process of developing and delivering secure software should adopt open source technology.

Mays wrote in an article published on Carahsoft.com how open source fosters innovation in the software development process..

“It is also easy for people to start using open source software because there’s no barrier to entry. Innovation happens naturally because many people have the opportunity to try it, contribute suggestions for improvement and make sure it’s safe,” he noted.

He stated that open source provides a set of tools for logging, security monitoring and other non-functional requirements to facilitate the process of writing secure applications.

Mays also cited how DevSecOps and zero trust architectures help modernize the software development process.

“The future lies in DevSecOps and zero trust because trusting nothing, not even your supply chain, is the crux of modern software development,” he added.

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