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SandboxAQ’s Jen Sovada Named Executive Mosaic 4×24 Quantum Chair

Executive Mosaic has appointed Jen Sovada, president of public sector at SandboxAQ, as chairman of the Quantum Group for its 4×24 executive leadership program. 

The 4×24 program is a widely-attended series of networking and dinner events designed for groups of senior-level industry executives and government leaders to foster collaboration, build meaningful partnerships and advance their missions. 

As a vital part of Executive Mosaic’s mission to weave an executive-level fabric to serve those who serve the mission, the 4×24 program provides an important platform for leading figures in the government contracting ecosystem to connect with each other and have a voice in critical conversations.

In her role as chair of the newly established 4×24 Quantum Group, Sovada aims to cultivate a community of quantum experts and industry thought leaders doing innovative work and driving progress in this area of great technological promise for the nation’s future.

“As our knowledge of the field expands, quantum is emerging as our country’s next superpower,” said Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Mosaic. “We greatly value our relationship with Jen as a thought leader in the rapidly coalescing quantum market space, and we look forward to the essential public-private collaboration she will foster with key leaders in her new role as the head of our Quantum Group.” 

Sovada has spent more than 25 years working in the public and private sectors and has extensive military and intelligence experience. At SandboxAQ, Sovada is responsible for the overall growth of the public sector business and oversees the delivery of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies to government agencies. 

“I am honored to be appointed chairman of the Quantum Group at Executive Mosaic,” said Sovada. “Quantum technologies hold immense potential for transforming the public sector and I am excited to collaborate with fellow executives and government leaders to drive innovation in this rapidly evolving field. Together, we will create a strong community dedicated to advancing quantum capabilities and delivering impactful outcomes.”

Executive Mosaic congratulates Sovada on her appointment and looks forward to the impact of her leadership as chair of the 4×24 Quantum Group.

For more information on Executive Mosaic’s 4×24 leadership program, please email info@executivemosaic.com.

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