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SDA Seeks Proposals for Tranche 2 Transport Layer ‘Alpha’ Space Vehicles

The Space Development Agency has issued a solicitation for other transaction agreement proposals to build a space vehicle variant for the second tranche of its planned transport layer for a proliferated constellation of satellites in low-Earth orbit.

SDA intends to work with small businesses and wants the involvement of at least one nonprofit research institution or a nontraditional defense contractor in the prototype project to build Alpha spacecraft for the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture Tranche 2 Transport Layer, according to a solicitation notice published Wednesday.

The agency plans to purchase up to 100 T2TL-Alpha space vehicles to provide persistent encrypted connectivity and communications for combat operations worldwide.

Multiple vendors are expected to be selected to build 19 spacecraft comprising four lowly inclined orbital planes and four SVs making up six highly inclined orbital planes as well as provide related ground systems and sustainment and operations support.

SDA, which offered a preview of the T2TL-Alpha program in May, intends to announce the awardees by Oct. 16, and launch the first highly inclined plane of the T2TL-Alpha constellation no later than Sept. 1, 2026, and the constellation’s first lowly inclined plane no later than Dec. 1, 2026.

Proposals are due July 28.

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