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US Government’s Development Finance Agency Selects 15 Vendors for $300M Enterprise Cloud Services Vehicle

Fifteen companies have won spots on the $300 million Cloud First Enterprise Systems Support Services contract to support the operations of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s office of information technology.

DFC received offers from 43 vendors for the CFESSS contract vehicle, which has an ordering period of five years, according to an award notice published Thursday.

In November, DFC issued a solicitation for the contract, which comes with four pools focused on operations, application development, cybersecurity and program management organization support services.

The awardees are: 

  • AccelGov
  • Aderas
  • AgilityCQS
  • Clear Vantage Point Solutions
  • Creative Solutions Consulting
  • Creoal
  • ExpediteInfoTech
  • Iron Bow Technologies
  • MSM Technology
  • Polaris
  • ShorePoint
  • SydanTech
  • Teksynap
  • Trillion ERP Next Generation
  • Trillion Technology Solutions 

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