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Video Interview: ManTech CEO Matt Tait on the Intersection of Cyber & National Security

The expansion of the digital world has drastically changed the cybersecurity and national security paradigms, and today, government contractors are leaning into zero trust for protection against evolving threats.

Executive Mosaic spoke with ManTech CEO and President Matt Tait, a 2023 Wash100 Award recipient, to get his perspective on the changes he’s seeing at the intersection of cybersecurity and national security, and how those trends are influencing the public sector today.

“I think the future of national security is around cyber resilience,” Tait said in an exclusive video interview. “When you look at Ukraine, look at how the networks have been taken down and then actually have been able to be brought back up in a rapid manner. That’s a different way of operating than what we thought was going to happen” he shared.

Tait, who took the helm of ManTech six months ago after the company was acquired by The Carlyle Group, said cyber and cyber resilience will play a critical role in the digital battlefield of the future.

“Before, we had information that was going to be available all the time, and that’s not going to be the case now,” Tait warned. “So those important moments of when you need information are going to have to be made available, and cyber is going to be a key enabler to make that happen.”

According to Tait, ManTech has a unique vantage point in the cybersecurity conversation as “the only company in the industry that does full spectrum cyber.”

Hear more of Matt Tait’s insights around cyber, zero trust, ManTech’s next chapter and more — watch the full video interview here. Subscribe to Executive Mosaic’s YouTube channel for more conversations with GovCon’s leaders.

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