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Red Hat’s Adam Clater on Agencies’ Need for Consistent Interface for Multicloud Deployments

Adam Clater, chief architect of Red Hat‘s North America public sector organization, said government agencies need a “consistent interface layer” that would allow them to manage applications and work with multiple cloud service providers as procurement changes and congressional bills push them to deploy multicloud environments.

“Users can buy the infrastructure as a service directly from the cloud provider and deploy applications in a control plane that looks the same whether it is in a data center, at the edge or in a commercial cloud,” Clater wrote.

He discussed how the fiscal 2023 appropriations measure and contracts such as the Intelligence Community’s Commercial Cloud Enterprise program and the Department of Defense’s Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability vehicle advance multicloud deployments.

Clater cited how Red Hat’s OpenShift Kubernetes engine could help agencies oversee large volumes of containers by serving as an interface and how automation could benefit such organizations when it comes to managing multicloud platforms.

“When automation is done correctly, agencies also give themselves the ability to move workloads smoothly between environments, whether they want to bring a workload back into the data center or move it to another cloud,” Clater noted.

“The fact that the workload was built on an automation platform means agencies are already a step ahead when it comes to getting that deployment done and reaping the benefits of a multi-cloud environment,” he added.

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