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Google Cloud’s Scott Frohman: Agencies Should Start With Mission Requirements When Making Cloud Decisions

Scott Frohman, head of defense programs at Google Cloud, said government agencies should look at the mission as a driving factor when it comes to cloud adoption, particularly when implementing a multicloud environment.

“Once agencies understand what they want to accomplish, they can focus on finding providers and solutions that will help them achieve their goals,” Frohman wrote.

According to Frohman, agencies adopt a multicloud environment to distribute workloads across multiple cloud service providers and make use of the differences that such CSPs offer.

He noted that TensorFlow software library for artificial intelligence, Kubernetes for container orchestration and other open-source tools help facilitate interoperability when managing workloads across cloud platforms.

Frohman said that agencies consider security as a key factor when adopting cloud offerings.

He cited the need for organizations to look for providers that regard security as a shared responsibility and take a defense-in-depth approach to security to protect clients’ systems and data from cyberthreat actors.

“A user can build an insecure application on top of a secure infrastructure. The key is to understand the responsibility of the developer versus the cloud provider,” Frohman noted.

He cited how the company’s offerings such as Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace could support government programs.

Forhman stressed that agencies should begin with identifying their mission requirements and examining the differences among CSPs to help them decide when choosing the right cloud environment to meet their needs.

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