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Report: Tech Companies Step Up Ukraine Support at Defense Conference in Germany

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Google and other U.S. technology companies attended a three-day defense conference in Munich to strengthen their support to Ukraine as the Eastern European country’s fight against Russian invasion enters its second year, Bloomberg reported Sunday.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said Microsoft agreed to provide Ukrainian investigators free access to its cloud platform Azure to help with its probe of possible war crimes.

“Microsoft’s generous gesture in support of Ukraine will strengthen the ability of Ukrainian prosecutors and investigators to investigate atrocities committed by the Russian military,” Kostin was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

The event hosted dual-use tech manufacturers and semiconductor producers and provided an opportunity for U.S. and European officials to meet and discuss the use of technology to support Ukraine’s defense on the ground and in the cyber domain.

U.S. Congress approved more than $113 billion in military assistance and aid to Ukraine in 2022, including $67 billion to meet the country’s defense requirements, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Non-military support to Ukraine such as government aid, economic support and refugee resettlement assistance accounted for 40 percent, or about $46 billion, of the $113 billion approved by lawmakers.

To date, the White House has provided direct military aid worth approximately $26 billion to Ukraine.

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