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SpaceX Eyes 100 Rocket Launches in 2023

SpaceX aims to complete up to 100 orbital flights in 2023 as several rocket companies move to bring new launch vehicles into the government and commercial space markets, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

A report from astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell says the figure would reflect a 64 percent increase from SpaceX’s 61 launch missions in 2022.

Falcon 9 now holds the world record for most launches of a single vehicle type in a single year,” SpaceX said in a Dec. 31 tweet. The company noted that on average, it launched missions every six days in 2022.

Some of the companies planning to introduce their rockets for the launch market are United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin and Rocket Lab USA.

A spokeswoman for the joint venture of Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) said ULA plans to launch its vehicle, Vulcan Centaur, on its maiden flight in the first quarter of the year.

Blue Origin is developing its New Glenn rocket, while Rocket Lab is working on its Neutron vehicle that is expected to take off in 2024 for its inaugural flight.

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