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Video Interview: V2X CEO Chuck Prow On Big Picture GovCon Trends & What’s Next for V2X

When Vectrus and The Vertex Company completed their merger to form V2X in July, the enterprise’s projected pro forma revenue was approximately $3.4 billion. As the year comes to a close, V2X now has a combined backlog of over $12 billion, which is three and a half times more than early estimates anticipated.

Leading the merged entity’s exponential growth is Chuck Prow, president and CEO of V2X. In a new video interview, Executive Mosaic spoke with Prow, an eight-time Wash100 Award winner, to take a closer look at the business combination, learn more about the company’s new avenues for growth and find out what the GovCon community can expect to see from V2X in 2023.

“From a business perspective, we are a very different company together than either of the two predecessor companies were. We have the scale, we have the reach, we have the capabilities to touch a much broader set of clients and a much different set of missions that we can support,” said Prow, explaining that the merger has created a leader in the operational segment of the broader federal services marketplace.

Prow noted that as customers’ physical and digital infrastructures converge, he’s seeing new opportunities emerge, particularly in the synthetic training space, where V2X is taking the lead. 

“There’s a great deal of integration, a great deal of efficiencies, a great deal of improved outcomes that are going to happen by this combination of technology and the physical process,” Prow shared.

This hybrid environment is also opening up new avenues for technologies and practices like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, cyber and zero trust, he said.

From a cultural perspective, Prow credits much of the Vectrus-Vertex merger’s success to the people and the talent within the organization. “What’s most exciting to me is to see the people and the combined cultures come together so quickly,” stated Prow. 

V2X now has over 14,000 employees across more than 25 countries. Prow also mentioned that greater than 50 percent of V2X employees are veterans, who are now “being given an opportunity to really innovate and bring new and different ways of performing those missions to the marketplace” on behalf of the company.

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