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Q&A With Splunk Public Sector VP Bill Rowan Focuses on Cybersecurity of Government Customers, Company Growth Efforts

ExecutiveBiz featured Bill Rowan, vice president of public sector at Splunk and three-time Wash100 Award winner, in its recent Executive Spotlight interview published Thursday. The executive talked about cybersecurity and data-related challenges in the federal landscape, and discussed his strategic goals for the coming year and Splunk’s efforts to continue public sector-focused developments.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Rowan:

“Our IL5 accreditation is yet one step in what is going to be a much longer, broader action by Splunk. The government has clearly laid out that they want to see a framework within FedRAMP that allows customers to migrate their data to the cloud. We are very excited that we’ve been able to partner with not just civilian agencies, but with Department of Defense agencies to help make that a reality by both the accreditations we have today and the accreditations that are on our roadmap.

It is our intent to take all of our products into that type of framework over a period of time, and we do that in many ways. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re partnering with customers. In addition to that, we’re in the StateRAMP process. 27 of the 50 states have announced that they’re going to use StateRAMP as a compliance framework to ensure their data is protected. It’s an exciting time for us.”

Visit ExecutiveBiz.com to read the full Executive Spotlight interview with Splunk Public Sector VP Bill Rowan, and don’t miss our other interviews with the most significant executives of consequence to the GovCon sector.

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