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Q&A With Maximus VP & Defense Market Leader Joe Kehoe on Aligning Business With DOD Priorities

Joe Kehoe, vice president and defense market leader of Maximus, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He discussed how Maximus has positioned its defense business in line with the Department of Defense’s priorities, the company’s efforts to ensure long-term success for its workforce and the most critical challenges as cybersecurity continues to rise in importance for all organizations.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Kehoe:

“Maximus has aligned our defense business with DOD’s priorities, we understand the scope of what’s needed, and we have built the right partnerships that ultimately allow the DoD to use technology to gain a competitive advantage.

You can think of our approach as a three-legged stool. One leg represents our employees, and we continually invest in upskilling and encourage them to take advantage of top certificate programs in cybersecurity, cloud and agile. This allows the employees to stay relevant, and Maximus remains the go-to resource for modernization and mission-driven outcomes.”

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