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Elastic’s David Erickson: Open Source Helps Agencies Obtain Insights From Data to Meet Mission Needs

David Erickson, senior director of solutions architecture at Elastic (NYSE: ESTC), said open source technologies enable government agencies to control and query their data to glean insights quickly and speed up the decision-making process.

The real power of open source technologies was revealed when they cracked the code on being highly powered, mission-specific, distributed systems. That’s how we are able to get insights out of data by being able to hold it and query it,” Erickson wrote.

He stated that the cloud has helped accelerate open source innovation and cited how some open source technologies have addressed agencies’ mission requirements.

He noted that with open source, agencies do not need to seek approval to query their own data.

With open source, the power is back in the hands of government employees, and agencies have the ability to fail fast and move from walled ecosystems into a realm in which data and services can evolve at their own speeds without holding one another back,” he wrote.

Erickson said agencies can quickly use open source in the cloud in support of their mission.

Open source technology has made a fast transition to a cloud that federal agencies are excited about because they can avoid vendor lock-in. The government can inspect and scan 100% of the code, which means the time to mission is faster,” he added.

He also cited how Elastic works to help agencies meet their mission needs through its open source technologies.

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