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Video Interview: SAIC CEO Nazzic Keene On Defense Landscape Trends, Emerging Tech & Giving Back to the Community

Across the U.S. GovCon landscape, defense agencies are accelerating their modernization and digital transformation efforts. DOD agencies are harnessing new technologies and capabilities like cloud, digital engineering and data analytics to meet the evolving needs of warfighters in the digital age. 

Executive Mosaic spoke with Nazzic Keene, CEO of SAIC and five-time Wash100 Award winner, in a new video interview to hear her insights on the significant trends in today’s defense landscape, the technologies driving innovation in the public sector, SAIC’s new market opportunities and more.

One area in which Keene sees potential for growth is artificial intelligence and data management. SAIC acquired Seattle-based software company, Koverse, in April 2021, and Keene predicted that the need for AI solutions will only continue to grow in the defense sector as the influx of data increases.

“Our customers need automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain insights from the literally petabytes of data being generated,” Keene said in conversation with Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt.

As SAIC adapts and responds to major GovCon market shifts and changing customer needs, the company is focused on three key areas of expertise, or what Keene refers to as Growth Technology Accelerants: secure cloud, enterprise IT and systems integration and delivery. 

In her video interview, Keene also highlighted SAIC’s philanthropic efforts that support veterans, community wellness and STEM education. SAIC recently released its third annual Corporate Responsibility Report, which outlines the company’s progress in areas like diversity and environmental protection, and Keene shed light on why these initiatives are so integral to SAIC’s strong company culture.

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