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Veritas’ Mike Malaret: Agencies Need Data Protection & Recovery Systems in Hybrid Clouds

Mike Malaret, director of sales engineering for public sector at Veritas Technologies, said government agencies should prioritize data protection by developing a detailed strategy that could enable them to quickly respond to data breaches and restore data and applications that are key to delivering services to citizens.

Malaret urged agencies to implement data protection and recovery platforms that can operate in hybrid cloud environments.

He said such platforms “should include the ability to deploy artificial intelligence and anomaly detection so the agency can identify when an attack occurred so it can safely recover data without being re-infected” and enable them to immediately resume operations following an attack.

Malaret discussed the importance of fielding data protection systems that would allow agencies to carry out regular automated rehearsals for disaster recovery and cited how a container-based or cloud-native infrastructure responds to agencies’ evolving demands.

Data protection is an endeavor that spans the enterprise, so it is vital to consider how those solutions operate and whether they can be fully automated,” he wrote.

By all accounts, ransomware threats will continue to grow, but by implementing a comprehensive strategy now, agencies can protect the data and applications at the heart of government services,” Malaret added.

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