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Systecon Delivers Analytics Support to Air Force F-15E ACE Operations With Baseline Opus Suite Prototype Model

Systecon has developed through the Opus Suite pilot project a baseline model prototype designed to provide the U.S. Air Force with data-driven decision support as the service deploys its fleet of F-15E fighter aircraft for Agile Combat Employment operations, GovCon Wire has learned.

The company said the baseline Opus Suite model prototype could help the Air Force improve operational planning and sustainment efforts by determining the spares packup kit for different squadron sizes conducting ACE operations and identifying parts needed for sustainment in constrained environments.

During the pilot, Systecon said the baseline Opus Suite model demonstrated its capability to provide analytics support to the Air Force by focusing on an ACE operation in the Pacific.

According to the company, the baseline model prototype provided the Air Force with a list of critical components required in PUK and enabled the service to model flight hour success rates for ACE operations based on mission type and location.

Systecon said Opus Suite is a toolset meant to help users see the complete scenario, related variables and characteristics in a single model and understand potential implications of operational decisions by providing analytic modeling and simulation tools and decision support derived from data.

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