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Q&A With Intelligent Waves CFO Amy Wood Tackles Company’s Transition to Mid-Market Business

In a recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Amy Wood, chief financial officer at Intelligent Waves, to know about her department’s performance in the previous months and how it functions to support the company’s long-term strategy. The Q&A also tackled her approach as a government contracting CFO as well as the current and most significant macroeconomic threat or opportunity for GovCon.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Wood:

“I’ve spent a fair amount of time ensuring we have the proper organizational structure and talent necessary as we move to the trusted partner role. I’m really proud of our team and our accomplishments to date.

This also shifts our focus from reporting the numbers to offering greater hands-on help to our clients and gets me thinking about where we want to drive IW as we continue to grow and drive our mission.

The last Quarter of 2022 is preparing for growth in 2023. We have confidence in our numbers, systems, and reporting. Our realignment in some areas has really solidified our ability to be timely and accurate.  Now it’s all about supporting the company at a strategic level. And that is a new dimension for us; we’ve had to challenge ourselves and the broader leadership team to focus on the things that will drive enterprise.”

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