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MacStadium’s Chris Chapman: Mac Technology Via Cloud Could Help Agencies Facilitate App Development

Chris Chapman, a senior vice president and chief technology officer at MacStadium, said government agencies should consider providing employees remote access to Mac technology through the cloud to offer an environment for application development and general office use.

To address the need, Chapman said MacStadium has come up with virtualization platforms and technology offerings that establish Mac desktops on the cloud like Orka Workspaces and Cloud Access, which he said offers “remote desktop experiences from the MacStadium cloud to any device.”

He talked about the company’s virtualization technology, dubbed Orka, and how it enables development teams at agencies to “orchestrate macOS in a cloud environment using Kubernetes on genuine Mac hardware.”

Chapman cited the company’s Cloud Connect and how it helps agencies integrate a Mac cloud with their existing cloud platforms.

Cloud Connect allows us to create dedicated cloud capacity via a private, secure connection that’s simple to set up. The results are overlapping virtual private networks, consistent role-based access and control across the clouds through a web-based interface,” he added.

Chapman called on agencies to partner with companies that could offer Mac as a platform for the cloud and develop cloud-based tools and delivery platforms.

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