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REI Systems VP Wagish Bhartiya Promoted to Chief Growth Officer

Wagish Bhartiya, vice president of software-as-a-service operations at REI Systems, has been elevated to the position of chief growth officer.

As head of business development and marketing functions, Bhartiya will lead efforts to expand REI’s customer portfolio, industry presence and organic and new growth initiatives, the company said Tuesday.

Bhartiya served as the technology services provider’s SaaS VP for 10 years. Before joining the company, he was a product manager for e-commerce products at Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), and director of strategy at LivingSocial. 

“With a proven track record of building teams and aligning our go-to-market approach with customer missions, he offers us the expertise needed as we continue to scale the company,” REI CEO Shyam Salom remarked.

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