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Q&A With LMI’s Intelligence Market SVP Marion Kennedy Highlights Software Prototyping Efforts to Support IC Customers

In a recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Marion Kennedy, senior vice president of intelligence market at LMI, to talk about the company’s efforts to prototype software offerings to help intelligence community customers address challenges. The Q&A also tackled driving digital transformation to stay ahead of innovation in the federal landscape and LMI’s initiatives to ensure long-term success for your workforce.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Kennedy:

“We are seeing tremendous opportunities for AI/ML deployments to support acquisition decision-making, talent retention, DEI&A, lifecycle sustainment modeling, budgeting, and more.

For example, we’ve developed prototypes out of our software accelerator, The Forge, that enable federal leaders to essentially click a button and model the impact a continuing resolution will have on their agency.

I think leaders in every department in every agency should be asking themselves how to incorporate this technology into what they are doing—not just on the operational side, but also on the facilities management, financial, legal, etc. sides of the house as well.”

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