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Peraton’s Gary Wang, Bob Ferrari: Agencies Should Consider Tech, Security Architectures in Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Gary Wang and Bob Ferrari of Peraton said government agencies are implementing hybrid cloud environments to meet mission needs but there are challenges that should be addressed, including security vulnerabilities, the need to integrate applications, workloads and services across on-premises systems and clouds and the capacity to manage diverse tools, operating models and technologies.

“To maximize the benefits of hybrid cloud, it is important that agencies select platforms and technologies that reduce operational complexity, provide seamless service portability and enhance security,” Wang and Ferrari wrote.

“In addition, operating models and security architectures should be carefully planned so that services and applications can be delivered securely at speed and scale without creating new burdens for government IT teams,” they added.

Ferrari and Wang discussed the importance of strategic partnerships between companies and how it could help as the cloud industry transforms to deliver capabilities to government clients.

They explained how the partnership with VMware enabled Peraton to use the former’s resources for customer support, skill improvement and training when offering cloud-based services, including hybrid cloud platforms, and noted how cloud-based capabilities help agencies transition to zero trust architectures.

Wang is vice president of cloud and application services at Peraton. Ferrari is a cloud architect and a technical and business subject-matter expert on public cloud products for the U.S. public sector at the Herndon, Virginia-based tech services contractor.

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