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K2 Integrity’s Juan Zarate Receives 2nd Wash100 Award From Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson

Juan Zarate, global co-managing partner and chief strategy officer at K2 Integrity, accepted his 2022 Wash100 Award, the most prestigious award in all of government contracting (GovCon) from Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson during a recent visit to the company’s office in Washington D.C.

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“Zarate is indeed a rare individual whose expertise and ability to achieve mastery across multiple domains is as astonishing, as is his quality of genuine interpersonal leadership,” said Garrettson.

Executive Mosaic is pleased to recognize Juan Zarate as a two-time recipient of the Wash100 Award for his impacts in cryptocurrency across risk identification and management during a particularly consequential era in the incipient global digital economy as jurisdictions, including the United States, decide the future of digital currency use, adoption and regulation.

“His impacts across government, GovCon, finance and international relationships, along with his work as an author, bilingual first-generation graduate of Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, public speaker and many other accomplishments are too lengthy to detail in a brief mention,” Garrettson explained.

As the Chief Strategy Officer and the co-managing partner for global business with K2 Integrity, Zarate provides expert counsel and strategic guidance to clients on complex internal and international financial investigations as well as management of its multidisciplinary teams advising on global anti-money laundering and oversees financial-integrity-related reforms.

Most recently, Juan Zarate participated in a video interview with GovCon Wire to discuss the progress the U.S. is making in the adoption of digital assets and gave a glimpse into the future of cryptocurrency on a global scale.

“The domain of financial and economic competition is also a domain of conflict,” Zarate said, explaining that we can expect to see the economic landscape increase in aggression in the coming financial wars.

Watch the full video interview with K2 Integrity’s Juan Zarate and check out our other esteemed interview participants at ExecutiveMosaic.com.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Zarate has advised some of the most challenging AML and financial integrity enforcement issues facing the private sector. He has also led some of the largest asset recovery ventures in history, including the return of over $3 billion in Iraqi assets.

“Suffice it to say, any attempt to accurately provide a thumbnail of Juan’s many accomplishments, professional and personal, would be woefully incomplete,” Garrettson added.

Executive Mosaic is pleased to recognize K2 Integrity and Juan Zarate as a 2022 Wash100 Award recipient. His contributions to the GovCon community and accomplishments in the federal landscape deserve to be recognized with the highest honor in the GovCon industry since its inception in 2014.

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