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Tricentis’ John Phillips: Agencies Should Adopt Automated, No-Code Approach to Software Testing

John Phillips, vice president of the public sector business at Tricentis, said government agencies looking to improve the security and efficiency of software development should adopt an automated, no-code approach to testing risk-based software.

Agencies should detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in their applications prior to and after app deployment and Phillips wrote that integrating static application security testing and dynamic application security testing into workflows for software development could help.

“By automating risk-based SAST or DAST, agencies can obtain coverage of more than 85% of their risks with only 20% of the effort. The approach allows agencies to de-risk their core business upgrades and updates, boost release readiness, and deliver better quality,” he noted.

Phillips discussed how an artificial intelligence-based scriptless, no-code platform like Tricentis Tosca could help speed up end-to-end testing across any application stack, promote collaboration among software delivery teams and provide users a centralized domain to build and maintain test automation without scripting or programming.

“This unique approach allows an agency to reduce costs and effort while achieving resilient test automation for any use case and even the most complex apps,” he added.

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