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Q&A With Sev1Tech’s Army Mission Solutions SVP Mike Bosco Tackles Driving Increased Collaboration Between Industry & Government

Mike Bosco, senior vice president of Army Mission Solutions at Sev1Tech, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Tuesday. He talked about exchanging talent between industry and government and other ways for both to work together to boost collaboration and drive innovation. The Q&A also focused on U.S. Army’s modernization priorities and Sev1Tech’s efforts to give back to the greater community.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Bosco:

“After more than two decades in the Army, I coined the phrase, ‘We train for wars of the past. We plan for the wars of the future, and we’re stuck in the present.’

As we focus on the technical challenges, we can use modernization as a good example. I recently had an insightful chat with the Army Futures Command Network – Cross-Functional Team, who provided a great analogy for this situation. Remember these numbers: 70, 29 and one.”

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