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Q&A With Isobar Public Sector CGO Yancey Hall Highlights Company’s Workforce-Focused Efforts

ExecutiveBiz featured Yancey Hall, chief growth officer at Isobar Public Sector, in its most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Tuesday. He discussed the efforts to ensure the company workforce’s long-term success as well as the initiatives to help federal agencies address significant challenges. The Q&A also tackled the implementation of the latest emerging technologies to drive modernization.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Hall:

“Talent management is something that we’re laser-focused on within the federal government and industry. Obviously, the pandemic has driven a great deal of adoption of virtual workforces and new policies. We’ve completely transitioned our way of working to accommodate people where they are.

One of the key enablers to make this happen has been establishing new partnerships with our customers with a focus on flexibility for our employees without impacting the mission. In fact, we’ve seen productivity actually increase with remote work so it can definitely be a win for the government.”

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