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Q&A With Intelligent Waves CTO Marqus Hutchinson Tackles Company’s Technical Pillars, Recent Partnerships, Growth Efforts

ExecutiveBiz featured Marqus Hutchinson, chief technology officer at Intelligent Waves, in its most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He talked about the five technical pillars on which they created domains for Intelligent Waves as well as the recent partnerships that helped the company grow in the federal market. The Q&A also tackled company focus areas, emerging technologies and ensuring long-term workforce success.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Hutchinson:

“We developed the five technical pillars on which we created domains for our business. One of these pillars is cybersecurity, which affects everything Intelligent Waves does in terms of services by enabling cyber resiliency and the ability to be ready for a potential cyber attack.

That’s what we can bring to the table for our customers. That is what we can offer our customers. Our team can take existing technology and look beyond its current capabilities. Intelligent Waves has technology that we bring to the marketplace that’s relatively new, but we take innovation and take the time to get behind what capabilities already exist in order to take everything to the next level.”

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