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Q&A With IDEMIA NSS President and CEO Patrick Clancey Tackles Driving Company Growth in National Security Sector

In the most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Patrick Clancey, president and CEO of IDEMIA National Security Solutions, to talk about how his plans to drive growth for the company in the national security sector. He also discussed the work IDEMIA is doing to support the latest government initiatives and to address the challenges in recruiting and retaining the best talent in the federal landscape.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Clancey:

“Within IDEMIA NSS, we align our vision to support the unique missions of our customers. Aligning our core values and familiarity with those customers, fosters a purpose-driven company culture, allowing us to focus and consistently present an authentic set of core values to our team.

The focus on mission is central to everything we do and enables us to retain and attract talent. Our recent recalibration of core values supports our retention objectives of creating an environment where everyone is fulfilled by their contribution and can grow both personally and professionally either in IDEMIA NSS or elsewhere within the IDEMIA global footprint.”

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read the full Executive Spotlight interview with IDEMIA NSS President and CEO Patrick Clancey, and don’t miss our other interviews with the most significant executives of consequence to the federal and government contracting sectors.

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